Your dream suburban house need not be restricted by the white picket fence

Explore the different types of fences that exist, your dream is after-all different from anyone else’s!

When you picture the dream suburban house a white picket fence unavoidably comes to mind. Conventionally speaking that is, however in reality, everybody’s dream house tend to look a little different and white and wooden may not be your thing at all. Perhaps black wrought iron fences bind your dream house, or maybe it’s a pale blue vinyl, or bold aluminium red. In reality all our lives look a little different and when people walk past your suburban home, you almost want them to see the reflection of your unique personality in your fences!

When building a dream house, the tiniest of detail becomes something worth pondering upon, and the fence definitely is an important aspect, it literally encompasses your entire home. Most people make a rushed decision when it comes to fences, going for what is the standard look, but that’s because most people are unaware of all the options and variety that exists in the world of fences and only the right fence installation contractor would know the best kind to frame your home.


Wooden fencing
Fences can be of various types, with respect to the material that they are made of, but let’s look at the best kind! There of course is the conventional wooden fence as we have grown used to seeing on shows centred on suburban life such as desperate housewives among others, but it definitely does not stop there. Considering all the wild things that took place on that show and its spin offs, they definitely did not know their fences!

Wooden fences give you the homely feel of a comfortable familial home life, but it comes at the obvious cost of the lack of durability of wood, especially in harsh weather conditions, and also has a high capital cost. Contrastingly, wrought iron fencing is relatively cheaper, but has a high maintenance cost, while vinyl fencing has a high down payment but little to none in maintenance.

Wrought Iron, Vinyl, bamboo, and PVC fencing
Wrought iron fencing provides a sort of luxurious touch to your home; it gives a lavish gated feel that is akin to several celebrity homes! Vinyl on the other hand is great if you’re looking for something that’s durable, but still has the homely feel of a wooden fence. These however are still relatively commonly known and used but the right fence installation contractor would know to introduce you and your home to something stylish, or utilitarian depending on what you are looking for.

If you’re looking for a unique look, bamboo fences have recently become a rapidly growing trend in the world of fences, and are a great alternative to the basic wooden fence. On the other hand PVC fencing is great for durability and functionality, and can easily be painted any colour you like.

So if you’re in the market for your dream suburban house, remember that you don’t have to stick to the common idea, but you can make your own. Fences that reflect your family’s quirks and vibe can be the difference between a good home and a great home with the help of the perfect fence installation contractor!


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